Dibble and Son Furniture and Art Gallery

The Idea

Dibble and Son is a family owned, Oklahoma made business.  It serves as both a gallery and a furniture store.  The photos are all taken by Jeannie Dibble or Terry Dibble, and the furniture is handmade by Bob Dibble or Terry Dibble.  The Dibble Family has a passion in photography and furniture making.  

Style & Quality

Each piece of furniture is creatively designed and constructed around old and discarded relics of Oklahoma’s rich and bountiful past.  There are several unique, signature treatments that identify Dibble pieces as authentic, the most noticeable being unique finishing techniques that include: drizzled, sprayed, splattered and brushed- on thin and thick coats of muted, earthy hues of paints, inks, stains, waxes, and lacquers- all designed to leave an impression of gracefully aged, retired attic- treasures.